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Moringa Oleifera

Moringa Oleifera

Moringa Dried Leaf

Moringa Dried leaf also known as Drumstick leaf used as a dietary supplement called Moringa Tea. Moringa Tea use dried Leaf to preszerve its powerful characteristics. It helps lower blood pressure and is a sleep aid. Moringa is considered to have the highest protein ratio of any plant so far identified, with the protein in Moringa being comparable in quality to that of soy.

Available in T-Cut size and in Tea Bags

  • Moringa Herbal Infusion
  • Moringa Pomergranate Infusion
  • Moringa Tulsi Infusion
  • Moringa Ginger Infusion
  • Moringa Green Tea Infusion
  • Bulk Packaging in 25Kg Bags ,Box Packaging also available 100gm Poly Packs

Moringa SEEDS

Like many other herbs, moringa seeds also offer great antioxidant benefits. They contain lots of vitamins A, C, B-complex and other free radical busters that save our body from severe oxidative damages. Moringa seeds are widely used to make skin care products and also used in lowering down cholesterol level.

Available in two varieties PKM-1 Hybrid Black and Non Hybrid White seeds .

Moringa OiL

Also called Ben Oil is extracted from the seeds of Moringa oleifera  . The oil provides nutrition to our skin and relieves aging signs. Moringa oil absorbs the aroma of essential oils and other fragrat compounds like herbs, nuts, seeds, spices and chemicals. This makes it the perfect perfume base.

Extraction done by cold pressing thereby maintaining its essential constituents.


Finding extensive usage in health and beauty applications, the oil’s chemical composition includes Oleic Acid: 65.7% • Palmitic Acid: 9.3% • Stearic Acid: 7.4% • Behenic Acid: 8.6%

Available in 37.5 lb. and 440 lb. drum packaging.


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